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    We realize that true praise and worship must be done in spirit and in truth. God not only recognizes the traditional ways of worship through songs and instruments, but also through dance, flags, banners, plays and other vessels of praise. Purpose by Designs understands that when all are used together with the word of God this will usher a deeper level of worship into his sanctuary. Even the children can participate in praise and worship through our children’s flags. Collaborating these tools of worship along with your songs and instruments will become more than just entertainment but they will become a roadmap into God's ultimate presence.
    Our purpose is to design garments of praise to lift the spirit of heaviness.
    "Isaiah 61:31"
    Making vessels for praise has become our ministry at our church so making them for the public is more than just a business, but an opportunity for outreach to help others in their worship. We understand why God combined certain colors and take special care in using these colors as he had intended. That is why we make each flag and praise shawl to perfection because each article of your praise has its own purpose in your worship service.
    - We live by the motto -
    “Excellence without Excuse”.